What’s the Most Effective Signal to Make Use Of With Renko Charts?

A typically asked concern on renko graphs is whether you should have added signals to deal around the information. And when yes, what’re these signals which can be suitable to deal with renko graphs.

when you may understand, renko graphs are firmly predicated on cost. Moment, that will be plotted around the Xaxis, is unnecessary in regards to the abnormal information form. On the basis of the quantity of pips cost transfer, which is often based on oneself, the renko stones plan the purchase price stones appropriately. You could realize that most likely the greatest indication is cost itself. Consequently, by deciding the purchase price motion and also the habits which can be established, dealers do not really should have further signals to become utilized. read more

Are Renko Charts a Better Way to Trade Forex?

Renko charts hold their own forte when it comes to traders using these custom chart types. Although the more popular candlestick or bar charts are still widely preferred, traders who trade the markets with Renko bricks tend to be more comfortable trading this chart type than switching to other forms. A quick look at some of the popular trading forums and one can see the increasing number of traders coming up with new Renko trading strategies. read more

Renko Charts – Which Box Size Is Best for Trading Forex?

The most frequently asked question I field about Renko Charts is: what box size should I use? In this article I’ll explain why the only honest answer I can give is “it depends.”

But first, just to ensure this article will make sense, let me briefly explain how Renko charts work. Renko charts use a “flexible” candle or box size, which you determine when you load the indicator onto your charts. read more