Purpose of Stock Exchange in Economic Climate

The stock-market represents an important position inside the economic climate. It’s regarded as one of many greatest methods to raise their finances. But before you create any expenditure in to the stock-market, you have to know getting started. It might prove to be always a lucrative event so long as you understand the hints of the industry. In the first place, you’ll want a merchant account within your favorite broker. read more

Building a Kingdom – Case Study of Kingdom Financial Holdings Limited

This article presents a case study of sustained entrepreneurial growth of Kingdom Financial Holdings. It is one of the entrepreneurial banks which survived the financial crisis that started in Zimbabwe in 2003. The bank was established in 1994 by four entrepreneurial young bankers. It has grown substantially over the years. The case examines the origins, growth and expansion of the bank. It concludes by summarizing lessons or principles that can be derived from this case that maybe applicable to entrepreneurs. read more